• Thought leader
  • Pragmatic thinker
  • Guru practitioner
  • Transformation consultant
  • Innovative executive
  • Practice strategist
  • Technology advisor
  • Certified architect

Tony Shan

Tony Shan is a renowned leader and technology visionary working in the computing field for years with extensive experience and guru-level knowledge on IoT, fog computing, big data, NoSQL, DataOps, Hadoop, Spark, cloud native, microservices, API, Blockchain, RPA, mobile, architecture engineering, portfolio rationalization, systems roadmapping, process optimization, standardization, technology operationalization, asset management, strategic planning, and business alignment in a number of multi-million dollar IT projects in a broad range of industries (computer, finance/banking, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, media, manufacturing, energy, mechanical engineering, aerospace, textile engineering, and public sector). He is specialized in emerging technologies and coherent architecture practices, driving automation, digitization, transformation, and innovations end-to-end.

He holds three advanced degrees in Engineering and Science majors, and is an Oracle/Sun Certified Enterprise Architect & Java Programmer, and IBM Certified eBusiness Solution Designer. Highly skilled at Internet technologies since the start of Web era in a role of enterprise/chief architect and director armed with a unique mix of breadth and depth, he is a forward-thinking practitioner/leader adept at directing the lifecycle discovery, design, development and delivery of large-scale award-winning distributed systems on diverse platforms using a variety of cutting-edge technologies and unified/agile methodologies like TOGAF and SAFe.

Well-versed in both technology and management fields, Tony has played a key role in leading establishing IT strategies and architecture blueprints, coupled with pragmatic technology roadmaps and codified enterprise architecture standards/policies, for effective IT governance, portfolio transformation, hierarchical processes and cloudification in Fortune 100 organizations, achieving significant CapEx/OpEx avoidance and tremendous savings in TCO/ROI. As a long-time hands-on consultant and practice lead possessing outstanding technical and business acumen, he has designed quite a few hybrid methods and creative platform models for adaptive systems and product line development at the strategic, tactical, and innovative levels focusing on practicality and maturity. With demonstrated capabilities of technology thought leadership and substantial industry expertise as a pioneer on bleeding-edge technologies, he is a patent holder who has proactively initiated advanced applied research on emerging computing technologies and productized them into commercialized and commoditized business solutions, resulting in the appointment to Senior Technical Staff Member within 8 months after joining IBM.

His areas of project work cover an extensive spectrum of specialties, including IoTization, big data engineering, cloudology, Hadoopification, IoT patterns, Blockchainization, frameworks, service engineering, semantic web, systems engineering automation, grid computing, computer modeling/simulation, machine learning, neural network, expert system, generic/immune algorithm, telephony/voice response, and pervasive computing, to name just a few.

Tony serves as a mentor/advisor on leading-edge technologies, architecture, and infrastructure in various technical committees and advisory boards, and taught a wide variety of courses as an adjunct professor and professional trainer/coach. In addition to dozens of top-notch refereed publications, he has authored more than 10 books on next-generation technologies and wrote entries to IT encyclopedias. He is a member of numerous professional associations and honorary society, a frequent keynote speaker and chair/panel organizer/advisor/judge/program committee in prominent conferences/events, an editor/editorial advisory board member of preeminent IT research journals/books, as well as a founder of several user groups and forums.

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  1. Thanks for the best presentation last sunday !

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