Innovations and Patents


Tony is an inventive thought leader with a proven track record of influential innovations:

  • Wrote entries of architecture methods/frameworks to IT encyclopedias
  • Published first Redbook on asynchronous web services
  • Pioneered predictive caching patterns
  • Originated early-stage web application frameworks
  • Created first-of-a-kind web service standard stack
  • Constructed an award-winning solution of automated alert of account balances in financial institutions
  • Incubated a game-changing log analyzer
  • Invented an intelligent pool management logic
  • Co-designed the IEEE Standard on SOA Reference Architecture
  • Authored the earliest content portal
  • Launched dynamic web-based collaborative scheduling tools in the static HTML era
  • Revolutionized CUI applications by webifying
  • Spearheaded selective database extracts
  • Engineered first-generation e-banking platform
  • Advocated granular reusable components (JaveEE and .Net) for web applications
  • Conceived the pre-IM Intertalk and pre-RSS webpage change notifier
  • Prototyped ground-breaking application servers
  • Led application farm trialout
  • Formulated a cohesive strategization method for IT solutioning
  • Kicked off exploratory efforts of web service interoperability investigation
  • Developed world’s most complex eCommerce systems
  • Devised a brand-new algorithm of real-time self-adjusting thresholds for dynamic machine learning
  • Pursued a killer application for email bounceback processing
  • Fathered cloud engineering
  • Built first-ever IBM storage cloud
  • Initiated cloudology
  • Evangelized cloudonomic computing
  • Coined software service engineering & cloud terms
  • Introduced multi-generation cloudification discipline
  • Framed cloudability spectrum
  • Started Cloud Computing Practitioner’s Guide
  • Established systematic Cloud Computing Body of Knowledge
  • Composed cloud assessment & lifecycle framework
  • Jump-started cloud megamodel
  • Defined autonomic cloud ecosystem
  • Set up cloud engineering practice groups and forum
  • Contributed to and translated SOA Manifesto
  • Hosted Cloud CoE
  • Hadoopified data-intensive applications
  • Drove Big Data engineering
  • Crafted NoSQL taxonomy
  • Programified Big Data adoption and execution
  • Instigated Big Data maturity model


  • A Method for Open-end Spinning and its Unit. CN 88-1-08734.3, 1988
  • Several patent-pending initiatives on big data platform, cloud architecture, social analytics, system modeling and high-performance data/computing management

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