• Science and Information Conference
  • Big Data Boot Camp
  • Big Data Fair Conference
  • Cloud Fair Conference
  • Cloud Forum North America
  • International Cloud Symposium
  • IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing
  • IEEE International Conference on Services Computing
  • Financial Technology Insight Summit
  • CamelOne Conference
  • Carolina Code Camp
  • Cloud Slam Conference
  • Web2Present Seminar Series
  • Health IT Insight Summit
  • International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER)
  • CIO Cloud Congress
  • “The Business of Cloud Computing” conference
  • UP Cloud Conference
  • OMG’s SOA in Healthcare Conference
  • Cloud Computing Virtual Trade Show and Conference
  • International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST)
  • Cloud Expo Europe
  • Cloud & SOA Symposium
  • WHICEB conference
  • Open Group EA Practitioner’s Conference
  • Annual SOA Symposium
  • SaaSCon
  • Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages & Applications (OOPSLA)
  • International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering (ENASE)
  • IEEE International Conference on e-Business (ICE-B)
  • International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing (ISPDC)
  • International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT)
  • IEEE International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA)
  • Americas’ Conference on Information Systems  (AMCIS)
  • Workshop on Software Engineering Methods for Service-Oriented Architecture (SEMSOA)
  • IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE)
  • IEEE Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC)
  • Web Information System & Application Conference (WISA)


  • Cloud Computing: Present and Future
  • Open Source Cloud-based Enterprise Integration
  • Developing Big Data Platform for Real-time Analytics
  • Cloud for Web Applications: Trends and Outlook
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Cloud Computing in Healthcare
  • Smart Cloud Engineering, Nomenclature, and Enablement
  • Systematic Cloud Adoption and Roadmapping
  • Enterprise Clouds vs. Commodity Clouds: Divergence or Convergence
  • Creating a Systematic Cloud Roadmap
  • Applied Cloud Engineering: Service-Oriented Cloudification
  • Practical Cloudification: from Art to Engineering
  • FAST TRACK to Cloud
  • Multi-granular Cloud Maturity
  • Applied Cloud Engineering in Action
  • Towards Cloud Unified Process
  • Perspectives on Cloud Computing
  • Pragmatic Cloudification Strategization
  • Service-Oriented Portfolio Assessment, Strategization & Scoping
  • Cloudification Lifecycle, Enablement, Acceleration and Ramp-up
  • End-to-end Strategization of Cloud Adoption, Planning & Enablement
  • FAST ROUTE to Cloudification
  • Adaptive Cloud Engineeringvia Service-Oriented Method
  • SOA and Cloud Computing: Synergy, Interlock and Transition
  • Designing Resource-Oriented Architecture in UML
  • Towards Cross-disciplinary Cloudification
  • Cloud Computing: Past, Present and Future
  • Service-Oriented Roadmapping and Transformation
  • Federated and Autonomic Cloud Environment
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Engineering Your Approach to SaaS Development
  • Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Solution Development
  • Service-Oriented Model-Driven Solution Architecture Design, Rationalization, Integration and Practices
  • From SaaS to XaaS: Evolution and Outlook
  • Service-Oriented Architecture Roadmapping
  • Proprietary Data Transformation and Modeling in a Web Service-Based Integration Environment
  • The Art of SOA
  • Strategizing and Operationalizing SOA
  • Sustainable SOA Transformation
  • Smarter SOA
  • Integrated Design of eBanking Architecture
  • The Tao of SOA
  • SOA in Practice
  • SOA Pragmatism
  • Reference Model of Solutions Architecture for N-Tier Applications
  • Service-Centric Computing and Its Impact on Business and Education
  • Next Grand Challenges of Software Design
  • SOA Wisdom
  • Practical SOA
  • Strategic Technology Engineering Planning
  • Business Intelligence Platform and Architecture
  • Service Spectrum for Service Engineering
  • Towards a Holistic Architecture Platform
  • Service-Oriented Reference Architecture
  • Service-Oriented Framework for Internet Applications
  • ICache: A Size-Aware Cooperative Caching Architecture for Web Images
  • Philosophy of Architecture Design
  • Towards a Systematic Method for Solutions Architecting
  • Service-Oriented Computing Kit
  • Comprehensive Architecture Rationalization & Engineering Framework
  • Solutions Architecture for N-Tier Applications
  • Future Trend of Internet Banking Adoption
  • Solutions Architecting Mechanism
  • Taxonomy of Java Web Application Frameworks
  • Common Application Platform
  • Hybrid Model-View-Controller Platform
  • Intelligent Pooling Mechanism
  • Extreme Architecting and Modeling Methodology
  • Open-source eService Platform
  • Service-Oriented Solution Framework for Internet Banking
  • High-performance Data Caching Mechanisms
  • Portal Architecture and Technology: Strategy and Roadmap
  • A Pragmatic Approach of Application Architecture Process
  • Rapid Architecting Process: Model, Procedure, and Certification
  • Building a Service-Oriented eBanking Platform
  • The Tao of IT Development and Engineering
  • Unified Electronic Disclosure System Architecture
  • Technology Blueprint for Internet-Channel Applications
  • Enabling Asynchronous Web Services
  • Data Caching in Web Applications
  • Enrollment Services Consolidation Strategy
  • Asynchronous Web Services in Heterogeneous Environment
  • Common Runtime Environment for eCommerce Applications
  • DMZ Data Center Migration Guide
  • Push Messaging Solution Blueprint.
  • Comparative Assessment of Email Message Archiving Solutions
  • Designing Technical Architecture Document Template
  • Automated Deployment of J2EE EAR/WAR to Runtime Servers
  • Comprehensive Technical Review Framework
  • Session and State Management Control in Multi-application Navigation
  • Wizard-driven Page Flow Mechanism in Web Applications
  • Business Rule Automation
  • Application Server Architecture and Technology
  • Self-adjusting Pool Size Management
  • Building Open-Source Utility Packages
  • Automatic Conversion of Smalltalk applications to C++ Based on COBOL Copybooks
  • A Method to Invoke External Applications in a Java Process
  • Architecture Redesign of Circuit Testing System in Telephony Network Management
  • Proactive Circuit Testing Mechanism in Telephony Network Management
  • Web-enabling Character-based Circuit Test Suite on Unix Platform
  • Rearchitecting Data Load Application


  • Analysis of Uneven Twist Distribution in Threadline Zone of Air-jet Spinning.
  • A Formal Method of Calculating Final Twist of Wrapping Fibers in Air-jet Yarns.
  • Material and Machine Interaction During Weaving.
  • Limit of Feed Ratio in Air-jet Spinning.
  • B-factor Method for Yarn Bulkiness Measurement.
  • Slippage of Wrapping Fibers in a Wrapping Course of Air-jet Yarns.
  • An Alternative Method for Evaluation of Physical Bulk in Air-jet Textured Yarns.
  • Characterization of Loop Profile Distribution in Textured Yarns.
  • Effect of Structural Settings of Fiber-collecting Groove on Channel-spun Yarn Tenacity.
  • A Study of Twist Structure of Channel-spun Yarns.
  • Optimal Design of Fiber-collecting Groove in Channel Spinning.
  • Optimization of Operational Settings of Channel Spinning.
  • A Comparative Study of Cone Winding Technology.
  • Analysis & Enhancement of Aerodynamic Fiber Transport in DREF-II Friction Spinning.

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