Other Peer-Reviewed Reports

  • Analysis of Uneven Twist Distribution in Threadline Zone of Air-jet Spinning.
  • A Formal Method of Calculating Final Twist of Wrapping Fibers in Air-jet Yarns.
  • Material and Machine Interaction During Weaving.
  • Limit of Feed Ratio in Air-jet Spinning.
  • B-factor Method for Yarn Bulkiness Measurement.
  • Slippage of Wrapping Fibers in a Wrapping Course of Air-jet Yarns.
  • An Alternative Method for Evaluation of Physical Bulk in Air-jet Textured Yarns.
  • Characterization of Loop Profile Distribution in Textured Yarns.
  • Effect of Structural Settings of Fiber-collecting Groove on Channel-spun Yarn Tenacity.
  • A Study of Twist Structure of Channel-spun Yarns.
  • Optimal Design of Fiber-collecting Groove in Channel Spinning.
  • Optimization of Operational Settings of Channel Spinning.
  • A Comparative Study of Cone Winding Technology.
  • Analysis & Enhancement of Aerodynamic Fiber Transport in DREF-II Friction Spinning.

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