Work Highlights


Tony has developed scores of overarching frameworks, metamodels, methods, processes, and toolkits, covering a wide range of technology areas and incorporating adaptations from a number of constructs, such as Zachman Framework, TOGAF, GERAM, RUP/EUP/OpenUP/ITUP, E2AF, FEA, MDA, SAFe, XP, SCRUM, CMMi, ITIL, COBIT, BMM, APQC PCF, SPEM, CBM, I*, UML/SysML, SOA/EDA/WOA, BPM, Cloud native, Context-aware computing, *aaS,  Portal/Portlet, SOAP/REST, ESB, EAI, EII, ERP, Ajax, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, EJB, .Net, WSE, Axis, Wiki, RSS/Atom, and Web X.0.

Some of the large-size complex projects Tony had led and participated in include:

  1. Productized big data services and solutions in the format of platform + killer applications (industry-leading near real-time terabyte BI  product with open source Hadoop, Talend, Pentaho, Fuse, Hyperic HQ, Solr, etc.)
  2. Cloud-hosted column-based database (large-scale property management system in Cassandra)
  3. Cloud adoption, prototyping, and operationalization initiatives (migration of complex applications to private and hybrid clouds like Azure, GAE, EC2,, etc.)
  4. Basel II Risk initiative (>$100M investment)
  5. Enterprise on-demand knowledge portal (first-of-a-kind 0-search platform for 50K users)
  6. Enterprise Push Messaging System (company-wise message delivery channel via email, pager, cell phone, and SMS to >6M online customers)
  7. 4th largest US bank website for over 16M clients (online banking, billpay, account enrollment, e-profile, e-statement)
  8. Account alerts system (industry-first proactive notification app)
  9. Revamping Check Image System (sector-best check digitization, portfolio worth tens of millions dollars)
  10. SOA Strategy and ESB Buildout (forward-thinking federated service bus strategy for heterogeneous integration in No.1 bank)
  11. SOA operationalization method (industry-leading SOA execution plan used in US and Canadian government agencies)
  12. Virtual Storage Cloud (first IBM public storage cloud, multi-million $ project)
  13. Rule-driven dynamic user interface composition and scorecard builder (innovative enterprise portal solution worth multi-million $)
  14. Product Line Engineering Strategy (productization for a large-size portfolio in No.1 computer firm)
  15. Check and Cash Services rationalization (technology roadmapping for a multi-billion dollar line of business in the largest financial institution)


  • Chief Enterprise Architect and Practice Lead at a Global IT Consulting Firms
  • Executive Architect/Strategist & Practice Lead (Senior Technical Staff Member), IBM (No.1 IT company in the world)
  • CTO and Executive Consultant/Advisor, Emerging Technology Startup. (Premium IT consulting firm)
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Phoenix(Leading US educational institution)
  • Professional Coach/Mentor/Trainer, Webage, ProTech, SOA/Cloud School, IT Training & Solutions Inc, Learning Tree International, TechTrain, and LearnQuest (Preeminent IT training & certification organizations)
  • Adjunct Faculty, Central Piedmont Community College (Leading US educational institution)
  • SOA Strategy Lead, Bank of America (No.1 commercial bank, No.1 credit card issuer, No.1 US Bank in market cap and equity)
  • Chief Architect/Team Lead, Wells Fargo/Wachovia Bank (No.1 banking website, 3rd largest broker-dealer, & 4th largest US bank in assets)
  • Emerging Technology Advisor, Guidepoint Global (Leading consulting services to business decision-makers)
  • Enterprise Architect/Emerging Technology Planner, Harris Corporation (Fortune 500 company)
  • Consultant/Researcher, Clemson University (Leading US educational institution)

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